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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

How To Unlock Huawei and ZTE HSDPA Modems {Free}

1. Unlock Huawei  HSDPA modems

When  we put some other network sim card it will ask some code.So im going to generate that code.It is easy.first of all you have to find your IMEI of will mention on your modem or modem box its 15 digit. Now follow this.

i.  Paste this below address to your address bar. your Huawei modem IMEI number 

ii. Now replace your Huawei modem IMEI number with your IMEI number like below. 

iii. Press Enter key,after you will see like this.

iv. Now enter this unlock code when it ask the code. you are done.

2 . Unlock ZTE  HSDPA modems

Some ZTE modems not asking unlock no where to input our code.So you can't do it like above have to use some software for this.

Download software click here

i. First of all, if you use some memory card, remove it. remove Sim  card and put Sim card what you want to unlock.(it will display invalid Sim)

ii.Plug your modem  in to your computer,sometime connection manager will display,close it.

iii. Unzip what you download and open dccrap.exe

iv. First select the manufacture as ZTE datacards  ( No: 1)

v. Select the model as Auto detect (recommended)  (No : 2 ) If you know the model and which com port you use.u can do that way also.

vi. Click find button  (No: 3) . after your modem model will display below box.

vii. After detect modem click unlock button (No: 4 ).

Cheers!!! you are done. After few seconds modem will unlock restart your computer and use  your modem.
This connection manager also working for this.
But if you want to use  ZTE connection manager click below BUTTON to download.

click here to download.
Thank you.


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