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Friday, 5 April 2013

7 Business Card Tips for Technology Professionals

Even in a world filled with modern ways of contacting one another (think Facebook, email and other online communication,) the business card is still an essential part of networking practices. Whether used at networking events or to give to someone met on happenstance, these cards are meant to leave a lasting impression and represent a specific business individual. Plain and simple cards may work well for other profession’s business cards but for professionals in the technology trade, a business card needs to be modern, technically savvy, and represent the industry. IT and other computer based experts are known for having the latest technology devices and strategies, making it difficult to create specialized cards on such a time honored, almost anti-technology tradition. So, how do technically savvy professional represent themselves through business cards? By following these seven simple tips:

1. Use a Professional

Professional graphic designers have the ability to see your business card vision and turn it into a reality. If you are serious about standing out from the crowd, hiring a professional who knows the ins and outs of business card design is the way to go. However, if it is not in the budget, or you’d prefer to work with a template, there are business card service websites which offer premium business cards for professionals in all industries.

2. Choose a Modern Design

The field of technology is all about the modern technologies that impact our daily lives. Sleek appliances, thin computers and mobile devices are only a few of the modern designs currently trending in the industries of technology. This translates to looking for a business card with sleek designs and colors that fit your industry. The ultimate goal is to have unique card that when someone looks at, they immediately think of your profession.

 3. Be Unique

A business card needs to stand out and be unique as the person whose name is on it. By selecting from a variety of design options, colors and personal information, technology professionals can create custom business cards that represent them, their profession and their chosen industry. Some business cards have unique features such as foils, hard materials, and one-of-a-kind cuts which can help them stand out.

4. Include Color

Standard black and white cards tend to get lost or thrown away, but a nice, eye catching and colorful card is one that many people will keep and refer back to in the future. Color choices should be complementary to company logo design or business color scheme while standing out and remaining cohesive with other promotional paper materials.

5. Include a Professional Photo

A popular trend in business card design is to include a professional headshot photo. This trend has been brought on by the current social media technologies of Facebook and LinkedIn, where a majority of professionals are now recognized through photos. Having a card with a professionally taken head shot will not only make the card memorable but will also help with recognition in later meetings.

6. Technological Contact Information

Many traditional business cards just list standard information such as the name of a professional, their job title, their phone number and possibly a web address. The business cards of today need to implement all the avenues that are available for contact. This means incorporating technological contact information such as a Facebook page URL, a Twitter account, a website, an email address and a phone number. This information is vital and must be included on most modern business cards, especially those of technology professionals.

7. Implement Current Business Card Technology

The modern business card is more than just paper. New technologies allow for things like QR codes, or scan-able computer chips to be a part of the card while providing valuable information. QR codes can be scanned by a phone’s camera and direct the card holder to a website or Facebook page. The code can be changed daily to redirect the scanners to current blog posts, twitter feeds or website pages. Implementing these current card elements can speak volumes for professional in the technology industry and truly sets them apart at business events such as networking conferences or even more personal places like coffee shops.


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