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Friday, 15 March 2013

Differences Between iPhone5 and iPhone4S

10 Major Differences Between iPhone5 and iPhone4S

The finest and the best designed iPhone, the 6th iPhone device - generation has arrived in September 2012!

It has faster processor, bigger screen and better camera!
It is made with glass and anodized aluminum, the same material as the Apple notebooks and is just 7,6 mm thin. That makes the iPhone5 the world’s thinnest Phone!

The expectations were clearly articulated before its arriving. And… Does it meet the customer's expectations?

The answer is: Definitely yes!

But there are still a lot of questions about the newest model of the iPhone family.  Here are the answers about the major differences of the both last iPhone models.

Ultra-thin Design

Important characteristic of the iPhone5 is also the form factor, or the design. It’s longer than iPhone4S, it is 18% thinner, 20% lighter with 4-inch display 326 pixels per inch opposed to iPhone4S with 326 pixels per inch. It is lauder, has 3 microphones, 1 more microphone than iPhone4S.
iPhone5 design and features

iPhone4S is available only with current capacity of 16GB, and iPhone5 offers more opportunity with 32 GB, 64GB current capacity, and depending on it has different prices.

The Lens

The IPhone4S has 5 lenses. The iPhone5 comes with new lens technology, it has a PentaEye, designed from Turtleback. It is long lasting lens, with lots of set lenses, arranged like a revolver. Turtleback includes a fisheye lens, wide angle and also a zoom. It has also the possibility for screwing own lens on it, which must have a diameter of 37 mm.

Retina Display

The iPhone5 is thinner and lighter, but it offers also thinner display. Therefore, Apple engineers developed the first Retina Display with integrated touch technology.
Instead of electrodes as before placed between the pixels of the display, the pixels are now taking two tasks. They serve as touch-sensitive electrodes and also represent the image.
So you have clearer display than ever before!
A characteristic feature of the iPhone5 is the edge of the display. It is intersected with a diamond crystal, giving the iPhone5 its own special style. And it adjusts to such a brilliant phone!


The characteristics of the iSight cameras from iPhone5 and iPhone4S are the same (8 megapixel, autofocus, fingertip, LED flash, rearward illuminated sensor, lens with 5 elements, Face Detection, Hybrid IR filter, aperture ƒ/2.4 and panorama), but iPhone 5 has improved video stabilization, takes photos while recording video and has face detection.
The surface of the iSight camera of the iPhone5 looks like glass, but it is not made of glass. It is made of sapphire crystal. So it is quite unlikely for the surface of the lens to become scratches.
The Facetime Camera from iPhone4S takes pictures and videos in VGA resolution. The Facetime Camera from the iPhone5 takes 1.2-megapixel photo, 720p HD videos and has rear illuminated sensor.


The A6 processor of iPhone5 is two times faster than the previous version A5 processor; it has dual-core graphics.
It brings features, that weren’t available on the previous iPhone models, like real time car reflections and textures.

Battery life

iPhone5 has longer battery life, eight hours, or 10 if you're running on Wi-Fi only or just running apps, and 225 hours standby, in comparison with iPhone4S 8 hours duration and 200 hours standby.


Apple sad “goodbye” to a nine year old standard connector form and introduced the new iPhone5 lighting connector. It is the most argumentative part of the iPhone5. It has “disappointed“ many fans who bought these expensive accessories. Old plugs do not fit, adapters cost 30 Euros or more: The biggest criticism that the connector is annoying.

Apple changed the type of connector for charging and transferring data from the phone to the computer, and accessories like speakers or car audio systems. The people call it scandal, because it is change of something, which was built 9 years long. The connector is different from the connectors of all iPods, iPads and iPhones till iPhone5. Apple says it is more durable and much easier to use.

Apple will create 30pin cable to be plugged on the connector for data transfer, which can be used with all old devices.

SIM card

The iPhone5 has smaller nano SIM cars.

The LTE Technology

The new iPhone has also a new wireless technology called LTE technology, which is of course better than 3G. LTE or longterm evolution is 4G technology, or fourth-generation mobile communications standard (3.9 G standard). It has up to 300 megabits per second, which supplies faster web browsing and downloading.


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