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Saturday, 16 March 2013

CMSDone4You.Com: Nigeria's Alternative To Fiverr

CMSDone4You.Com: Nigeria's Alternative To Fiverr For Online Jobs is Nigeria's own alternative, which helps you leverage your skills and sell them for immediate CASH credit to your local bank account.
On you will find many freelance ready to do any job for you at a ridiculous price of say N500 to N5,000 only. Yes, they will do the job and deliver them as promised. 

One Good Feature about it is that you don't have to worry about creating a verified PayPal account. Your earnings are paid directly into your BANK ACCOUNT.


How it works

1. Choose from any gig displayed or from the tabs categories, then click details
2. Click the order link of the gig which takes you to a page from where you choose your payment option
3. Make payments using any of our payment options. Once you've done that, your order will be received and processed after confirmation (where payment option is bank)
4. Please make sure you send all that the gig's owner required for your order to be completed (example: website url, articles title, keyword(s) e-book cover title, colour scheme and so on) 
5. You can check your email or your dashboard for update on your order on or before the gig's duration specified.

For you to order a gigg (buy) at CMSDone4You, you can either pay onlinepay at the bank or use your accrued revenue to pay for your giggs. The online payment option lets you pay via the Interswitch gateway.

This is real and quite a BREATH OF FRESH AIR FOR NIGERIANS. So feel free to check out the services am rendering at here.

Do you know other good alternatives to Fiverr or ideas of services that can be rendered for making quick online cash? 
Or Do you have a e-commerce business IDEAS? Let me hear from you via comments. 


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